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RSS Feed Application - Acme Insights USA

Acme Insights USA RSS Connector (sample app)

The Acme Insights USA RSS Connector application relies on the Compliance.ai API to provide topic/filter-based RSS-formatted feeds to RSS-compliant readers.

This web-based app allows the following features:

  • Authentication

Users can login using a browser interface, through social-login. 

  • Subscription



Users can set their RSS-subscription filter, with the same attributes as Acme Insights USA's search/advanced search filters

- Users can subscribe to up to 5 filters either Agency sources or topics, each unique selection will represent a token in the url. To subscribe to more than 5 filters, please create an account on Developer.Compliance.ai. Each filter will return up to 20 documents or news items. 

  • View RSS formatted content

- Users can view the results of their content subscription by simply copying the link then pasting it into 3rd party RSS reader, like Feedly


- The look and feel of the view is similar to Acme Insights USA, with the following differences: No Google results, and 50 results max (instead of 3).

- Here is a list of some open source RSS readers you can choose from: https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted#feed-readers

  • Compatibility

The solution allows users to view the same RSS content using a 3rd party/off the shelf RSS reader application (including ones listed above).

  • Request/session restrictions

- The solution restricts subscriptions to only five-filters per user  unless the user has created a Compliance.ai Developer account. 

- The filter will be processed a maximum frequency of 4 times a day. The application will check for new content-feeds based on the set filters, and only based on user invoked requests, which can never exceed the maximum frequency.