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To filter by reguations, you have to use one of the Regulation_IDs listed below in the Search Method API. This will filter your results to only include content related to the Regulation_ID selected. 

These are the regulations currently supported by our APIs:

Regulation_ID Regulation Name Short_Name
120 Basel III Basel III
32 Regulation A Reg A
92 Regulation AA Reg AA
31 Regulation B Reg B
77 Regulation BB Reg BB
30 Regulation C Reg C
61 Regulation CC Reg CC
36 Regulation D Reg D
7 Regulation DD Reg DD
35 Regulation E Reg E
16 Regulation EE Reg EE
34 Regulation F Reg F
102 Regulation FF Reg FF
33 Regulation G Reg G
15 Regulation GG Reg GG
25 Regulation H Reg H
74 Regulation HH Reg HH
24 Regulation I Reg I
116 Regulation II Reg II
23 Regulation J Reg J
104 Regulation JJ Reg JJ
22 Regulation K Reg K
82 Regulation KK Reg KK
29 Regulation L Reg L
3 Regulation LL Reg LL
28 Regulation M Reg M
51 Regulation MM Reg MM
27 Regulation N Reg N
1 Regulation NMS Reg NMS
98 Regulation NN Reg NN
26 Regulation O Reg O
10 Regulation OO Reg OO
44 Regulation P Reg P
111 Regulation PP Reg PP
43 Regulation Q Reg Q
100 Regulation QQ Reg QQ
42 Regulation R Reg R
81 Regulation RR Reg RR
41 Regulation S Reg S
59 Regulation SBSR Reg SBSR
70 Regulation SHO Reg SHO
48 Regulation T Reg T
58 Regulation TT Reg TT
47 Regulation U Reg U
46 Regulation V Reg V
14 Regulation VV Reg VV
45 Regulation W Reg W
6 Regulation WW Reg WW
39 Regulation X Reg X
117 Regulation XX Reg XX
38 Regulation Y Reg Y
8 Regulation YY Reg YY
37 Regulation Z Reg Z