Full List of Agency Sources

To filter by agencies, you have to use one of the Agency_IDs listed below in the Search Method API. This will filter your results to only include content related to the Agency_ID selected. 

These are the agencies currently supported by our APIs:

Agency_ID Name Short Name Jurisdiction
557 ACTION ACTION Federal (U.S.)
2 Administration Office, Executive Office of the President OA Federal (U.S.)
566 Administrative Conference of the United State (U.S.)s ACUS Federal (U.S.)
3 Administrative Office of United State (U.S.) Courts AO Federal (U.S.)
225 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACHP Federal (U.S.)
4 African Development Foundation USADF Federal (U.S.)
6 Agency for International Development USAID Federal (U.S.)
12 Agriculture Department USDA Federal (U.S.)
13 Air Force Department USAF Federal (U.S.)
14 Air Quality National Commission NCAQ Federal (U.S.)
15 Air Transportation Stabilization Board ATSB Federal (U.S.)
3500002 Alabama Legislature AL-AL State (U.S.)
18 Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau TTB Federal (U.S.)
19 Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau ATF Federal (U.S.)
20 American Battle Monuments Commission ABMC Federal (U.S.)
21 Amtrak Reform Council AMTRAK-ARC Federal (U.S.)
23 Antitrust Division ANTITRUST Federal (U.S.)
24 Antitrust Modernization Commission AMC Federal (U.S.)
25 Appalachian Regional Commission ARC Federal (U.S.)
26 Appalachian State (U.S.)s Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission APPAL Federal (U.S.)
27 Architect of the Capitol AOC Federal (U.S.)
28 Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board ATBCB Federal (U.S.)
29 Arctic Research Commission ARCTIC Federal (U.S.)
30 Armed Forces Retirement Home AFRH Federal (U.S.)
31 Arms Control and Disarmament Agency ACDA Federal (U.S.)
32 Army Department USA Federal (U.S.)
33 Assassination Records Review Board Federal (U.S.)
12000001 Bank for International Settlements INT-BIS International
11000001 Bank of England UK-BOE International
36 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation BGSEEF Federal (U.S.)
9001 BATS Exchange BATS SRO
9002 BATS Y-Exchange BYX SRO
38 Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform Federal (U.S.)
39 Board of Directors of the Hope for Homeowners Program HOPE Federal (U.S.)
9005 Boston Stock Exchange (BX) BSE (BX) SRO
9004 Boston Stock Exchange Clearing Corp BSECC SRO
9006 BOX Options Exchange BOX SRO
41 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBG Federal (U.S.)
196 Bureau of the Fiscal Service Federal (U.S.)
4100001 Business Registration Division - Securities HI-BRDS State (U.S.)
9007 C2 Options Exchange C2 SRO
100000 California Department of Business Oversight CA-DBO State (U.S.)
100002 California Office of Administrative Law CA-OAL State (U.S.)
100005 California State (U.S.) Legislature CA-SL State (U.S.)
9008 CBOE Futures Exchange CFE SRO
42 Census Bureau USBC Federal (U.S.)
43 Census Monitoring Board Federal (U.S.)
46 Central Intelligence Agency CIA Federal (U.S.)
47 Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board CSB Federal (U.S.)
9003 Chicago Board of Trade CBOT SRO
9009 Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE SRO
9010 Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME SRO
9011 Chicago Stock Exchange CHX SRO
50 Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Jubilee Commission Federal (U.S.)
52 Civil Rights Commission CRC Federal (U.S.)
54 Commerce Department DOC Federal (U.S.)
57 Commission of Fine Arts CFA Federal (U.S.)
61 Commission on Immigration Reform CIR Federal (U.S.)
65 Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy Federal (U.S.)
Commission on Review of Overseas Military Facility Structure of the United State (U.S.)s
Federal (U.S.)
Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals
Federal (U.S.)
69 Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement Federal (U.S.)
Commission on the Bicentennial of the United State (U.S.)s Constitution
Federal (U.S.)
Commission on the Future of the United State (U.S.)s Aerospace Industry
Federal (U.S.)
72 Commission on the Social Security Notch Issue Federal (U.S.)
1600001 Commissioner of Banks NC-COB State (U.S.)
3100003 Commissioner of Securities and Insurance MT-CSI State (U.S.)
74 Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled CPPBSD Federal (U.S.)
75 Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements CITA Federal (U.S.)
77 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC Federal (U.S.)
1300000 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania US-PA State (U.S.)
1500000 Commonwealth of Virginia US-VA State (U.S.)
78 Community Development Financial Institutions Fund CDFI Federal (U.S.)
79 Competitiveness Policy Council CPC Federal (U.S.)
80 Comptroller of the Currency OCC Federal (U.S.)
81 Congressional Budget Office CBO Federal (U.S.)
573 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB Federal (U.S.)
84 Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC Federal (U.S.)
86 Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention CCJJDP Federal (U.S.)
87 Copyright Office, Library of Congress COLC Federal (U.S.)
88 Copyright Royalty Board LOC-CRB Federal (U.S.)
89 Copyright Royalty Judges, Library of Congress LOC-CRJ Federal (U.S.)
91 Corporation for National and Community Service CORP/CNCS Federal (U.S.)
578 Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency CIGIE Federal (U.S.)
92 Council on Environmental Quality CEQ Federal (U.S.)
93 Counsel to the President Federal (U.S.)
94 Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia CSOSA Federal (U.S.)
95 Crime and Security in U.S. Seaports, Interagency Commission Federal (U.S.)
96 Customs Service Federal (U.S.)
97 Defense Acquisition Regulations System DARS Federal (U.S.)
99 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission BRAC Federal (U.S.)
101 Defense Contract Audit Agency DCAA Federal (U.S.)
102 Defense Criminal Investigative Service DCIS Federal (U.S.)
103 Defense Department DOD Federal (U.S.)
104 Defense Information Systems Agency DISA Federal (U.S.)
105 Defense Intelligence Agency DIA Federal (U.S.)
106 Defense Investigative Service DIS Federal (U.S.)
107 Defense Logistics Agency DLA Federal (U.S.)
108 Defense Mapping Agency DMA Federal (U.S.)
110 Defense Special Weapons Agency DSWA Federal (U.S.)
112 Delaware River Basin Commission DRBC Federal (U.S.)
113 Denali Commission DC Federal (U.S.)
300001 Department of Banking TX-DOB State (U.S.)
1300001 Department of Banking and Securities PA-DBS State (U.S.)
4200001 Department of Business Regulation RI-DBR State (U.S.)
Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
State (U.S.)
1200001 Department of Financial and Professional Regulation IL-DFPR State (U.S.)
1100001 Department of Financial Institutions WA-DFI State (U.S.)
3300003 Department of Financial Institutions AZ-DFI State (U.S.)
400001 Department of Financial Services NY-DFS State (U.S.)
500069 Department of Financial Services FL-DFS State (U.S.)
1400003 Department of Insurance MO-DOI State (U.S.)
1200002 Department of Insurance IL-DOI State (U.S.)
100004 Department of Insurance CA-CDI State (U.S.)
4400003 Department of Insurance OH-ODI State (U.S.)
1700001 Department of Insurance IN-DOI State (U.S.)
2200001 Department of Insurance and Financial Services MI-DIFS State (U.S.)
1400002 Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration MO-DIFIPR State (U.S.)
2700001 Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking DC-DISB State (U.S.)
115 Disability Employment Policy Office ODEP Federal (U.S.)
2700000 District of Columbia US-DC State (U.S.)
4300002 Division of Banking and Securities AK-DBS State (U.S.)
1400004 Division of Credit Unions MO-DCU State (U.S.)
1400001 Division of Finance MO-DOF State (U.S.)
900185 Division of Financial Regulation OR-DFR State (U.S.)
116 Drug Enforcement Administration DEA Federal (U.S.)
118 Economic Analysis Bureau BEA Federal (U.S.)
120 Economic Development Administration EDA Federal (U.S.)
124 Economics and Statistics Administration ECSA Federal (U.S.)
9013 EDGA Exchange EDGA SRO
9014 EDGX Exchange EDGX SRO
126 Education Department ED Federal (U.S.)
127 Election Assistance Commission EAC Federal (U.S.)
128 Electronic Commerce Advisory Commission eCOMMERCE Federal (U.S.)
129 Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Board Federal (U.S.)
130 Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Board Federal (U.S.)
131 Employee Benefits Security Administration EBSA Federal (U.S.)
132 Employees Compensation Appeals Board ECAB Federal (U.S.)
133 Employment and Training Administration ETA Federal (U.S.)
134 Employment Standards Administration DOL-ESA Federal (U.S.)
142 Engineers Corps COE Federal (U.S.)
143 Engraving and Printing Bureau BEP Federal (U.S.)
147 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC Federal (U.S.)
12000003 European Banking Authority INT-EBA International
148 Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency ECIE Federal (U.S.)
149 Executive Office for Immigration Review EOIR Federal (U.S.)
538 Executive Office of the President EOP Federal (U.S.)
150 Export Administration Bureau EAB Federal (U.S.)
151 Export-Import Bank EIB/USEIB Federal (U.S.)
30001 Fannie Mae Fannie Federal (U.S.)
154 Farm Credit Administration FCA Federal (U.S.)
156 Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation FCSIC Federal (U.S.)
157 Farm Service Agency FSA Federal (U.S.)
158 Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board FASAB Federal (U.S.)
539 Federal Acquisition Regulation System FAR Federal (U.S.)
160 Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Federal (U.S.)
161 Federal Communications Commission FCC Federal (U.S.)
162 Federal Contract Compliance Programs Office OFCCP Federal (U.S.)
164 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC Federal (U.S.)
166 Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA Federal (U.S.)
168 Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council FFIEC Federal (U.S.)
30003 Federal Housing Administration FHA Federal (U.S.)
173 Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Office OFHEO Federal (U.S.)
174 Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFA Federal (U.S.)
175 Federal Housing Finance Board FHFB Federal (U.S.)
176 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRA Federal (U.S.)
177 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLETC Federal (U.S.)
178 Federal Maritime Commission FMC Federal (U.S.)
179 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCS Federal (U.S.)
180 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission MSHFRC Federal (U.S.)
182 Federal Pay, Advisory Committee Federal (U.S.)
183 Federal Prison Industries FPI Federal (U.S.)
184 Federal Procurement Policy Office OFPP Federal (U.S.)
186 Federal Register Office REGISTER Federal (U.S.)
187 Federal Register, Administrative Committee ACFR Federal (U.S.)
188 Federal Reserve System FRS Federal (U.S.)
189 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board FRTIB Federal (U.S.)
190 Federal Service Impasses Panel FSIP Federal (U.S.)
192 Federal Trade Commission FTC Federal (U.S.)
300003 Finance Commission TX-FC State (U.S.)
10000001 Financial Conduct Authority UK-FCA International
194 Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FINCEN Federal (U.S.)
195 Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission FINCIC Federal (U.S.)
9015 Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA SRO
1000001 Financial Institutions Division NV-FID State (U.S.)
574 Financial Research Office OFR Federal (U.S.)
565 Financial Stability Oversight Council FSOC Federal (U.S.)
584 First Responder Network Authority FirstNet Federal (U.S.)
585 Fiscal Service FS Federal (U.S.)
9016 Fixed Income Clearing Corp FICC SRO
500056 Florida Legislature FL-FL State (U.S.)
203 Foreign Assets Control Office OFAC Federal (U.S.)
204 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission FCSC Federal (U.S.)
205 Foreign Service Grievance Board FSGB Federal (U.S.)
206 Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Panel Disputes Panel Federal (U.S.)
207 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board FSLRB Federal (U.S.)
208 Foreign-Trade Zones Board FTZB Federal (U.S.)
30002 Freddie Mac Freddie Federal (U.S.)
1700002 General Assembly IN-GA State (U.S.)
709101 General Assembly CO-GA State (U.S.)
4400001 General Assembly OH-GA State (U.S.)
4500001 General Assembly GA-GA State (U.S.)
1300002 General Assembly PA-GA State (U.S.)
1200003 General Assembly IL-GA State (U.S.)
1400007 General Assembly MO-GA State (U.S.)
210 General Services Administration GSA Federal (U.S.)
211 Geographic Names Board BGN Federal (U.S.)
213 Government Accountability Office GAO Federal (U.S.)
215 Government Ethics Office OGE Federal (U.S.)
216 Government National Mortgage Association GinnieMae Federal (U.S.)
217 Government Publishing Office GPO Federal (U.S.)
583 Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Gulf Restoration Council Federal (U.S.)
220 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation HST Federal (U.S.)
227 Homeland Security Department DHS Federal (U.S.)
228 Housing and Urban Development Department HUD Federal (U.S.)
9017 ICE Clear Credit ICC-SRO SRO
9018 ICE Clear Europe ICEEU SRO
232 Immigration and Naturalization Service INS Federal (U.S.)
235 Indian Arts and Crafts Board IACB Federal (U.S.)
241 Industry and Security Bureau BIS Federal (U.S.)
10000002 Information Commissioner's Office UK-ICO International
243 Information Security Oversight Office ISOO Federal (U.S.)
246 Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development IAIA Federal (U.S.)
591 Institute of Museum and Library Services Federal (U.S.)
800003 Insurance Department CT-CID State (U.S.)
250 Inter-American Foundation IAF Federal (U.S.)
249 Interagency Floodplain Management Review Committee IFMRC Federal (U.S.)
252 Intergovernmental Relations Advisory Commission ACIR Federal (U.S.)
254 Internal Revenue Service IRS Federal (U.S.)
255 International Boundary and Water Commission, United State (U.S.)s and Mexico IBWC Federal (U.S.)
256 International Broadcasting Board IBB Federal (U.S.)
258 International Development Cooperation Agency IDCA Federal (U.S.)
259 International Investment Office IIO Federal (U.S.)
260 International Joint Commission-United State (U.S.)s and Canada IJC Federal (U.S.)
542 International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board Federal (U.S.)
9019 International Securities Exchange ISE SRO
261 International Trade Administration ITA Federal (U.S.)
262 International Trade Commission ITC Federal (U.S.)
543 InterState (U.S.) Commerce Commission ICC Federal (U.S.)
9020 ISE Gemini Exchange ISE Gemini SRO
263 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Federal (U.S.)
264 Japan-United State (U.S.)s Friendship Commission JUSFC Federal (U.S.)
265 Joint Board for Enrollment of Actuaries JBEA Federal (U.S.)
266 Judicial Conference of the United State (U.S.)s USJC Federal (U.S.)
267 Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control Federal (U.S.)
268 Justice Department DOJ Federal (U.S.)
269 Justice Programs Office OJP Federal (U.S.)
270 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Office OJJDP Federal (U.S.)
271 Labor Department DOL Federal (U.S.)
272 Labor Statistics Bureau BLS Federal (U.S.)
274 Labor-Management Standards Office LMSO Federal (U.S.)
276 Legal Services Corporation LSC Federal (U.S.)
4400002 Legislative Service Commission OH-LSC State (U.S.)
277 Library of Congress LOC Federal (U.S.)
278 Local Television Loan Guarantee Board Federal (U.S.)
280 Management and Budget Office OMB Federal (U.S.)
281 Marine Mammal Commission MMC Federal (U.S.)
600971 Massachusetts Legislature MA-ML State (U.S.)
600201 Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation MA-OCABR State (U.S.)
284 Medicare Payment Advisory Commission MedPAC Federal (U.S.)
285 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPB Federal (U.S.)
9021 Miami International Stock Exchange MIAX SRO
2200002 Michigan Legislature MI-ML State (U.S.)
582 Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Federal (U.S.)
287 Millennium Challenge Corporation MCC Federal (U.S.)
288 Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA Federal (U.S.)
291 Minority Business Development Agency MBDA Federal (U.S.)
293 Mississippi River Commission MISS Federal (U.S.)
294 Monetary Offices Federal (U.S.)
296 Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation Udall Foundation Federal (U.S.)
9022 Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board MSRB SRO
304 National Archives and Records Administration NARA Federal (U.S.)
9026 National Association of Securities Dealers (FINRA) NASD (FINRA) SRO
305 National Bankruptcy Review Commission NBRC Federal (U.S.)
307 National Bipartisan Commission on Future of Medicare Federal (U.S.)
308 National Capital Planning Commission NCPC Federal (U.S.)
317 National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Federal (U.S.)
318 National Commission on Intermodal Transportation Federal (U.S.)
320 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science NCLIS Federal (U.S.)
321 National Commission on Manufactured Housing Federal (U.S.)
325 National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United State (U.S.)s 9-11 Commission Federal (U.S.)
326 National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education Federal (U.S.)
329 National Communications System NCS Federal (U.S.)
330 National Consumer Cooperative Bank NCB Federal (U.S.)
331 National Council on Disability NCD Federal (U.S.)
334 National Counterintelligence Center NCTC Federal (U.S.)
335 National Credit Union Administration NCUA Federal (U.S.)
336 National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council NCPPCC Federal (U.S.)
340 National Economic Council NEC Federal (U.S.)
341 National Education Goals Panel NEGP Federal (U.S.)
588 National Endowment for the Arts NEA Federal (U.S.)
589 National Endowment for the Humanities Federal (U.S.)
342 National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities ARTS Federal (U.S.)
9027 National Futures Association NFA SRO
343 National Gambling Impact Study Commission Federal (U.S.)
344 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency NGA Federal (U.S.)
346 National Historical Publications and Records Commission NHPRC Federal (U.S.)
347 National Indian Gaming Commission NIGC Federal (U.S.)
348 National Institute for Literacy NIL Federal (U.S.)
349 National Institute of Corrections NIC Federal (U.S.)
351 National Institute of Justice NIJ Federal (U.S.)
352 National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST Federal (U.S.)
354 National Intelligence, Office of the National Director ODNI Federal (U.S.)
355 National Labor Relations Board NLRB Federal (U.S.)
357 National Mediation Board NMB Federal (U.S.)
358 National Nanotechnology Coordination Office NNCO Federal (U.S.)
363 National Partnership for Reinventing Government NPR Federal (U.S.)
364 National Prison Rape Elimination Commission NPREC Federal (U.S.)
365 National Railroad Passenger Corporation AMTRAK Federal (U.S.)
9028 National Securities Clearing Corp NSCC SRO
367 National Security Agency/Central Security Service NSA/CSS Federal (U.S.)
368 National Security Council NSC Federal (U.S.)
369 National Shipping Authority NSA Federal (U.S.)
370 National Skill Standards Board NSSB Federal (U.S.)
9029 National Stock Exchange NSX SRO
372 National Technical Information Service NTIS Federal (U.S.)
373 National Telecommunications and Information Administration NTIA Federal (U.S.)
374 National Transportation Safety Board NTSB Federal (U.S.)
375 National Women's Business Council NWBC Federal (U.S.)
377 Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Office ONHIR Federal (U.S.)
378 Navy Department USN Federal (U.S.)
379 Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation NEIGHBOR Federal (U.S.)
400002 New York State (U.S.) Legislature NY-NYSL State (U.S.)
9030 New York Stock Exchange NYSE SRO
380 Northeast Dairy Compact Commission Federal (U.S.)
Northeast InterState (U.S.) Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission
Federal (U.S.)
385 Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board NWTRB Federal (U.S.)
9031 NYSE Alternext (NYSE MKT) NYSE Alternext (NYSE MKT) SRO
9033 NYSE Arca NYSE Arca SRO
386 Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA Federal (U.S.)
387 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission OSHRC Federal (U.S.)
388 Ocean Policy Commission Federal (U.S.)
500077 Office of Insurance Regulation FL-OIR State (U.S.)
390 Office of National Drug Control Policy ONDCP Federal (U.S.)
391 Office of Policy Development Federal (U.S.)
2500002 Office of the Revisor of Statutes MN-ORS State (U.S.)
394 Oklahoma City National Memorial Trust Federal (U.S.)
9035 One Chicago OC SRO
9036 Options Clearing Corp OCC-SRO SRO
396 Ounce of Prevention Council Federal (U.S.)
397 Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC Federal (U.S.)
399 Pacific Northwest Electric Power and Conservation Planning Council PACIFIC Federal (U.S.)
400 Panama Canal Commission Federal (U.S.)
401 Parole Commission USPC Federal (U.S.)
402 Patent and Trademark Office PTO Federal (U.S.)
403 Peace Corps PC Federal (U.S.)
404 Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration PWBA Federal (U.S.)
405 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation PBGC Federal (U.S.)
406 Personnel Management Office OPM Federal (U.S.)
407 Physician Payment Review Commission PPRC Federal (U.S.)
564 Postal Rate Commission PRC Federal (U.S.)
409 Postal Regulatory Commission PRC-Reg Federal (U.S.)
410 Postal Service USPS Federal (U.S.)
428 President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency PCIE Federal (U.S.)
429 President's Council on Sustainable Development PCSD Federal (U.S.)
430 President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board PCCIP Federal (U.S.)
431 President's Economic Policy Advisory Board PERAB Federal (U.S.)
412 Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Federal (U.S.)
Presidential Commission on Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces
Federal (U.S.)
417 Presidential Documents PRES Federal (U.S.)
436 Presidio Trust PT Federal (U.S.)
437 Prisons Bureau BOP Federal (U.S.)
438 Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board PCLOB Federal (U.S.)
440 Prospective Payment Assessment Commission ProPAC Federal (U.S.)
11000002 Prudential Regulation Authority UK-PRA International
441 Public Debt Bureau BPD Federal (U.S.)
444 Railroad Retirement Board RRB Federal (U.S.)
445 Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration Federal (U.S.)
447 Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board RATB Federal (U.S.)
449 Regulatory Information Service Center RISC Federal (U.S.)
452 Resolution Trust Corporation RTC Federal (U.S.)
456 Rural Business-Cooperative Service RBS Federal (U.S.)
457 Rural Housing and Community Development Service RHCDS Federal (U.S.)
458 Rural Housing Service RHS Federal (U.S.)
464 Science and Technology Policy Office OSTP Federal (U.S.)
465 Secret Service USSS Federal (U.S.)
1400005 Secretary of State (U.S.) MO-SOS State (U.S.)
800002 Securities and Business Investments Division CT-SBID State (U.S.)
466 Securities and Exchange Commission SEC Federal (U.S.)
2800001 Securities Department ND-SD State (U.S.)
1400006 Securities Division MO-SD State (U.S.)
3300001 Securities Division AZ-SD State (U.S.)
467 Selective Service System SSS Federal (U.S.)
468 Small Business Administration SBA Federal (U.S.)
469 Smithsonian Institution Federal (U.S.)
470 Social Security Administration SSA Federal (U.S.)
473 Special Counsel Office OSC Federal (U.S.)
579 Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction SIGAR Federal (U.S.)
474 Special Inspector General For Iraq Reconstruction SIGIR Federal (U.S.)
1500001 State (U.S.) Corporation Commission VA-SCC State (U.S.)
476 State (U.S.) Department DOS Federal (U.S.)
477 State (U.S.) Justice Institute SJI Federal (U.S.)
3500000 State (U.S.) of Alabama US-AL State (U.S.)
4300000 State (U.S.) of Alaska US-AK State (U.S.)
3300000 State (U.S.) of Arizona US-AZ State (U.S.)
100003 State (U.S.) of California US-CA State (U.S.)
700000 State (U.S.) of Colorado US-CO State (U.S.)
800000 State (U.S.) of Connecticut US-CT State (U.S.)
200000 State (U.S.) of Delaware US-DE State (U.S.)
500000 State (U.S.) of Florida US-FL State (U.S.)
4500000 State (U.S.) of Georgia US-GA State (U.S.)
3200000 State (U.S.) of Idaho US-ID State (U.S.)
1200000 State (U.S.) of Illinois US-IL State (U.S.)
1700000 State (U.S.) of Indiana US-IN State (U.S.)
1800000 State (U.S.) of Iowa US-IA State (U.S.)
2600000 State (U.S.) of Kentucky US-KY State (U.S.)
600000 State (U.S.) of Massachusetts US-MA State (U.S.)
2200000 State (U.S.) of Michigan US-MI State (U.S.)
2500000 State (U.S.) of Minnesota US-MN State (U.S.)
1400000 State (U.S.) of Missouri US-MO State (U.S.)
3100000 State (U.S.) of Montana US-MT State (U.S.)
2300000 State (U.S.) of Nebraska US-NE State (U.S.)
1000000 State (U.S.) of Nevada US-NV State (U.S.)
3400000 State (U.S.) of New Hampshire US-NH State (U.S.)
400000 State (U.S.) of New York US-NY State (U.S.)
1600000 State (U.S.) of North Carolina US-NC State (U.S.)
2800000 State (U.S.) of North Dakota US-ND State (U.S.)
4400000 State (U.S.) of Ohio US-OH State (U.S.)
2400000 State (U.S.) of Oklahoma US-OK State (U.S.)
900000 State (U.S.) of Oregon US-OR State (U.S.)
4200000 State (U.S.) of Rhode Island US-RI State (U.S.)
3000000 State (U.S.) of South Carolina US-SC State (U.S.)
2900000 State (U.S.) of South Dakota US-SD State (U.S.)
2000000 State (U.S.) of Tennessee US-TN State (U.S.)
300000 State (U.S.) of Texas US-TX State (U.S.)
1900000 State (U.S.) of Utah US-UT State (U.S.)
1100000 State (U.S.) of Washington US-WA State (U.S.)
2100000 State (U.S.) of Wisconsin US-WI State (U.S.)
9038 Stock Clearing Corp of Philadelphia SCCP SRO
10000 Supreme Court of the United State (U.S.)s SCOTUS federal_judiciary
482 Susquehanna River Basin Commission SRBC Federal (U.S.)
484 Technology Administration TA Federal (U.S.)
486 Tennessee Valley Authority TVA Federal (U.S.)
300006 Texas Legislature TX-TL State (U.S.)
9012 The Depository Trust Company DTC SRO
487 The White House Office Federal (U.S.)
488 Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board TDPOB Federal (U.S.)
489 Thrift Supervision Office OTS Federal (U.S.)
490 Trade and Development Agency USTDA Federal (U.S.)
491 Trade Representative, Office of United State (U.S.)s USTR Federal (U.S.)
494 Transportation Security Administration TSA Federal (U.S.)
496 Travel and Tourism Administration USTTA Federal (U.S.)
497 Treasury Department TREAS Federal (U.S.)
498 Twenty-First Century Workforce Commission Federal (U.S.)
499 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS Federal (U.S.)
501 U.S. Customs and Border Protection USCBP Federal (U.S.)
502 U.S. House of Representatives HOUSE Federal (U.S.)
503 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE Federal (U.S.)
504 U.S. Trade Deficit Review Commission TDRC Federal (U.S.)
505 U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission USCC Federal (U.S.)
506 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences USUHS Federal (U.S.)
509 United State (U.S.)s Enrichment Corporation USEC Federal (U.S.)
510 United State (U.S.)s Information Agency USIA Federal (U.S.)
511 United State (U.S.)s Institute of Peace USIP Federal (U.S.)
512 United State (U.S.)s Marshals Service USMS Federal (U.S.)
513 United State (U.S.)s Mint USMINT Federal (U.S.)
515 United State (U.S.)s Sentencing Commission USSC Federal (U.S.)
518 Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission URMCC Federal (U.S.)
519 Valles Caldera Trust VCNP Federal (U.S.)
520 Veterans Affairs Department VA Federal (U.S.)
521 Veterans Employment and Training Service VETS Federal (U.S.)
523 Victims of Crime Office OVC Federal (U.S.)
524 Wage and Hour Division WHD Federal (U.S.)
528 Women's Business Enterprise Interagency Committee Federal (U.S.)
529 Women's Progress Commemoration Commission Federal (U.S.)
530 Workers Compensation Programs Office OWCP Federal (U.S.)