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Document Attributes (metadata)

The Compliance.ai API responds with Documents based on the filters selected. Each document has a list of common attributes. Below is a list of the various attributes found in the Documents invoked by the Search Documents method. 

Field Name Description Notes
act_id Name of Act 
agencies List of agencies
                   id Unique identifier for each agency in our system
                  name Name of agency(ies) that published the document
                  short_name Abbreviation of agency name
category Type of document see document types
comments_close_on Comments close on this date from the document
CFR code(s) Code of Federal Regulations
effective_on Effective on date from document We are capturing this from the Federal Register. It includes dates like “effective date,” “compliance date” This is optional
full_text Full text of document This is an optional parameter
jurisdiction US or US State This is an optional parameter
pdf_url Doc url ends in .pdf Some documents also have a pdf url. In this case, we show the document found on this page
publication_date Date the document was published a) PDF reader may pick up wrong date b) date may be a few days in future, but if it’s months or years, it’s usually incorrect. c) events may accidently capture event date as publication date
regulation_id Name of Regulation  
title Title of the document. If the correct title of the document is extremely general, like “press release,” you may update with more descriptors. (date, agency, any other details)
topic_id Topic Classification Based on Compliance.ai's Topic Classification. Available for most documents.
web_url Url of document (on agency site) All documents have a web_url.
summary_text Summary text for the document All documents have summary_text